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Your space reflects and influences the state of your life. 

When your office is messy, chances are, your work life is in disarray. If your kitchen is a disaster, you may feel like ordering takeout again instead of cooking at home. The areas of our homes and work spaces that are chaotic reveal areas of our lives that are chaotic. 

Spacial Clarity designs solutions to get organized and stay organized so you can release stress, achieve your goals, and live + thrive in alignment with your values.

My priority is that your space supports you in living the life you've dreamed of.



Founded in 2018 by Rebecca Silliman, Spacial Clarity provides professional organizing services in Rochester, NY and neighboring regions. Once you're satisfied with your space, Spacial Clarity offers coaching and consulting to support you in maintaining long-term organization and lifestyle change.


Put Your Space in Order; Put Your Life in Order


Organize your space with your goals in mind! I will take the time to get to know you so that your goals and values are prioritized throughout this process. This service includes support to think through what items add value to your life, downsize as needed, and relocate and effectively store items to suit your lifestyle.


Looking to make meaningful, long-term change to live in alignment with your values? I am here to coach you and keep you accountable to live the life you've dreamed of! I coach in lifestyle practices including veganism, minimalism, and zero waste living (and all the baby steps in between). Work with me to design tools to make lifestyle changes at your own pace and within your budget. I will support you through your transformation to make lasting change!


Want to make your business more organized, productive, and sustainable? Planning a zero waste event, but don't know where to start? Consult with me! I will observe, evaluate, and provide you with recommendations to act on.

I would love the opportunity to work with you.

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