"Your gift is what comes easily to you that is difficult for most" - CJ Quinney

Hi, I'm Rebecca! I founded Spacial Clarity in 2018 in Rochester, NY.
I'm originally from Chautauqua, NY and I moved to Rochester in 2013. Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved organizing. I can't get enough! I used to spend hours organizing my friends rooms growing up-- it's like a puzzle for me to categorize items and figure out the best way to store and access them (shout out to all my childhood friends who put up with this bizarre behavior!) I get so much satisfaction out of organizing and I can't wait to help you get organized!
Outside organizing, I hold a Bachelor's degree in sociology and I have professional experience in human services, both direct service provision and program management. 
I follow a plant-based lifestyle and I strive for less waste and less stuff. 
As an organizer and lifestyle coach, I pride myself on being honest and clear, dependable, prepared, and approachable. I hold my work to the highest standards and I know that together, we can succeed to design a space that supports your needs and your goals.

Spacial Clarity is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.


Your space both reflects and influences the state of your life.
Spacial Clarity designs solutions for people to get organized and stay organized as a means to release stress, achieve goals, and live + thrive in alignment with their values.
Spacial Clarity provides support to individuals, families, and businesses for long-term organization and lifestyle change.

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