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Clear Space, Clear Mind

Never judgey, always compassionate. You'll participate in a comprehensive evaluation to identify your goals for your space and for your life, develop a project timeline, address your concerns about the organizing process, and promote solutions so that your organization can be maintained in the long term.

Based on the evaluation, a plan will be written and enacted to ensure you achieve your goals. Spacial Clarity will work with you one on one to downsize, reorganize, relocate, and implement realistic storage solutions and routines to get organized and stay organized.

Long-term support is available as an optional add-on to this service, so you have ongoing support to maintain your space if you want it. 

End game: a space that supports your best life!


Embody Your Values

Do you want to make a lifestyle transition, but you're not sure where, or how, to start? I'm here to support you to live more closely with your values. You'll engage in an evaluation to identify your goals, your priorities, and your motivations for change. Together, we will implement tools and strategies that are informed by your evaluation to make your transition easier! I will provide resources, recommendations, and advice to suit any budget while you move towards:

  • producing less waste

  • using fewer animal products

  • living with less

I'll be here for you each step of the way with in-person coaching sessions and virtual access.

Learn from my mistakes!

Want to make a change you don't see listed here? Ask me! I will never give advice in an area in which I'm not experienced. 


Well-Researched Advice with Integrity

I provide education and advice in my areas of expertise! If you're struggling in a particular area of life, from health, to relationships; career to finance, I'll consult with you to investigate how adjustments to your space and lifestyle may be the final push you need to achieve your goals.  I conduct an evaluation and offer recommendations tailored to your life. You CAN live the life you've dreamed of!

I would love the opportunity to work with you. Get in touch with me today.

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