Live in Alignment with Your Values

Do you want to make a lifestyle transition, but you're not sure where, or how, to start? I'm here to support you to live more closely with your values. I am not here to judge you on where you are now- I’m here to support you to get where you want to be! I am experienced in working with people to make big changes by taking one baby step at a time.



During our first session, you'll engage in an evaluation to identify your goals, set a budget, develop your priorities, and discuss your motivations for change. I will evaluate your current lifestyle and make recommendations. Then, we'll set a schedule for your future coaching sessions. Together, we will break down the change you want to see into smaller, achievable steps, and implement tools and strategies that are informed by your goals to make your transition easier!

I will provide resources, recommendations, 1:1 support and advice to suit any budget while you move towards your lifestyle changes.


  • Identifying the biggest sources of waste and implementing solutions to reduce waste

  • Shopping tutorials on sustainable and bulk shopping 

  • Zero waste meal planning

  • Learning to DIY products to reduce waste


  • Plant-based shopping tutorial

  • Meal planning and prepping support

  • Resources, including blogs, recipes, and restaurant suggestions

  • Information on vegan options at common restaurant chains and "accidentally vegan" snacks



  • Support to reduce the amount of possessions you own 

  • Mindset coaching and advice for sustained change

I'll be here for you each step of the way with in-person coaching sessions and virtual access. I will never give advice in an area in which I do not have personal experience- you can rely on my advice being safe and tested before you start!

(716) 581-3002

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